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La Cartilla

La Cartilla de Gretel

beginning Reading and Writing Program 

for Spanish Speakers

La cartilla de Gretel is an easy to follow program for students in kindergarten, First or Second Grade. This method emphasizes the mechanics of reading and writing in Spanish. The program uses sound associations to facilitate the students recollection of vowel and consonant sounds.


La Cartilla de Gretel is a completely phonetic approach to reading and writing which takes the student from the simple to the complex. In other words, the student will learn to read and write by first learning letter sounds, then syllable sounds and then forming words. Certain sight words are then presented so the student can then form sentences and ultimately paragraphs and poems.




The student will first be introduced to the vowel sounds using memory association. For intance as shown here the letter "e" is represented by a little girl who is hard of hearing and when she can not hear something well she says "eeeee". Later the student will associate this visualization and immediately remember the sound the letter "e" makes.


After the student learns the five vowel sounds through the process mentioned above,. The consonants are then presented in a similar manner using visual association.


Then the consonant sound is combined with the vowel sound to form five syllables (i,e, ma, me, mi, mo, mu). These five syllables are then used to form words which are also illustrated on the flipchart as show here to the right.


Finally, these same five syllables are used to form several vocabulary words, then sentences and finally a poem.




Student Book

The student book has 92 pages of reading and writing activities to reinforce what was learned from the flipchart. The student will practice writing the letter being learned in upper-case and lower-case. They will then read and write those syllabic combinations they have learned in order to from vocabulary words as shown here.


The student will learn to pick-out the vowel sounds they hear in certain words.

Then they will practice writing the letters as well as reading and writing words.




Reproducible Syllabic Charts

The program provides reproducible Blackline masters of vowel practice sheets and syllabic combinations.


After the student has completed the Flip Chart and Student Book activities, he is ready for the vowel sound and syllabic chart activities found in the Blackline masters package.


The syllabic charts are reproduced and given to each student. The student will then use the syllables found on the given sheet to form as many words and/or sentences as possible.


An answer key is provided for the teacher which shows many possible words that can be formed for any given syllabic chart.




Reproducible Homework

The Teacher's Kit also brings homework assignments using the poems covered in class on the flipchart. In these homework assignments the student practices the syllables pertaining to any given lesson. The student will also practice reading at home.


The homework assignment is explained at the top of each page in both Spanish and English.


The kit includes an audio CD of all the poems recorded in children's voices.






Finally, the Teacher's Kit also provides reproducible evaluations together with a teacher's answer key.


These evaluations provide exercises to test letter, syllable and word recognition together with comprehension skills. There is one evaluation per letter.


An answer key to each evaluation is provided in the Teacher's Kit.





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  • Carrying Bag
  • 17" X 22" flipchart and easel
  • reproducible syllabic and vowel charts
  • Answer key to the Syllabic charts
  • 92 page Students Book
  • Reproducible Homework pages
  • Audio CD of all poems included in the Flipchart
  • 5 felt vowel dolls
  • Reproducible Evaluations
  • Evaluation anwer key
  • Teacher's Guide